Monday, December 3, 2012

A New Year?

If the predictions of the Mayan culture are correct, we have less than 20 days before the end of the world. While I do not agree or believe in that prediction, we are nevertheless totally not ready for the end of the world, nor ready for the beginning of a New Year.

As a Christian, husband, father and minister I have admittedly been "miss in action" for the closing months of 2012. Confess is good for the soul, goes an old saying, so I confess I have fallen short, way short of being all of who I am and "Whose" I am. I let things, people and circumstances rule and super-rule over me most of 2012 and have come to this the closing month of the year reflecting. What does 2013 hold for me, only time will tell but am I ready even for it?

I begin this my first blog under this account in this time of reflection and repentance. I can and must do better. With the help of the Lord and staying faithful to His Word my "new year" can be different, better and more prosperous than 2012 and all the years previous. Out with the old, in with the new! This begins today, days before 1/1/2013 in and with me.

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