Saturday, December 8, 2012

On the Doorsteps of Laodicea

With the passing of many of the old Church Fathers in 2012 are we as the Church Unversial on the doorsteps of the apostate church described in Revelation 3?

Laodicea was described by Christ as being lukewarm, and thus useless to used by Him, even though it would seem to have its act together as far as the world and superficial Christians could see.

They said of themselves, we are rich, increased in goods and had need of nothing. He, whose eyesight is far better than ours said, they were miserable, poor, blind and naked. When the Church and the believer looks good to or in the world, our condition before God is far worse.

As God calls some and allows others to graduate to glory this writer submits that we are on the edge of a Christian, a Church, and a Christianity that will seem spiritual, be well off financially, be lacking evangelization, will be powerfully  influence by the world system, and lastly be judged along with the Antichrist and his False Prophet.

The admonishment of the old Apostle still rings true...come out from her and be separate! Amen.

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